Nutrient Cycle

9(s) The Nitrogen Cycle
Diagram and explanation of the cycle.

The Starving Ocean
A new theory on the cause of global warming: increased CO2, due to decreased
phytoplankton, due to centuries of fishing. A serious proposal to reverse the trend ...

Microbiological Activity in Native Soils
Impact of land-use change on soil microbiology of the Great Plains, US. Adapted from
an article in the Missouri Prairie Journal by Maria Filimonova.

Nutrient overload: Unbalancing the global nitrogen cycle
Shows how nutrient pollution through man can lead to algae blooms that unbalance
the cycle.

Nitrogen Cycle
A diagram and overview.

Rainforest Biomes
All about the tropical rainforest biome. Includes description, global position,
climate, and information on specific plants and animals of this biome.

Biogeochemical Cycles
A brief look at the major nutrient cycles, including pictures.

The Microbial World: The Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Fixation
How nitrogen gets "fixed" by bacteria to become available for plants on earth.

Global Carbon Cycle - The Woods Hole Research Center
A look at carbon and land use, missing carbon sinks, and how forests sequester
carbon dioxide. Includes numerous graphs.